AboutSawt El Noujoum

Sawt El Noujoum Company s.a.l
Commercial Register: 70 305 – Beirut
Sawt El Noujoum is a socio-cultural art sports radio station that started broadcasting on the 27th of June 1989, from Araya- Jamhour. Then It moved to Beit Mery at the beginning of 1990, and then to Ashrafieh where it stills located.
Sawt El Noujoum stopped forcibly for broadcast twice. The first when it did not get the license when the new media law was issued. The second reason was for the lack of waves due to non-adoption of the wavelength and frequency by the Ministry of Communications.

Today, it broadcasts from Beirut to cover all the Lebanese regions while uniquely using the STEREO DIGITAL Technology in Lebanon and it’s currently deploying the live streaming internet radio service. It has also provided new applications form to broadcast on all apple service: iPhone, iPad, iPod, and all Blackberry phones.
Sawt El Noujoum, who is one of the first five radio stations in Lebanon, is presenting a variety of programs in an attempt to satisfy all tastes and ages, and looking to get the Best listeners appreciation. It’s playing Lebanese, Egyptian and Gulf songs, as it’s playing oldies and new occidental hits.

Sawt El Noujoum will move soon to its new building that incorporates the latest digital technology with the modernization of a large studio for live audio -visual programs.